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Open Records (Right to Know Law)

The Governor of Pennsylvania signed into law the Open Records or Right to Know Law to be effective January 1, 2009.  The law will give individuals access to public records of

a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Agency, or Local Agency.  In order to request information, a written request must be directed to John Riley the Moon Township Municipal Authority’s Open Records Officer. 


The fee structure applicable to obtaining records is as follows:


            Photocopy                                          $.15 per copy

            Certification of Public record               $ 5 per record

            Specialized Documents                        Actual Cost

            Postage Fees                                       Actual cost of mailing


The photocopy fee will be charged when an individual wishes to review a document, whether or not they take the document or it remains in the Authority premises.


A Standard Right- to Know Request Form is available here.


The following information is private and not available to the public:

1.      Social Security Numbers

2.      Drivers License Numbers

3.      Employee Numbers

4.      Home, Cellular or Personal Phone Numbers

5.      Personal Financial Information

6.      Spouse’s  Name, Marital Status, Beneficiary or Dependent Information

7.      Home Addresses

8.      Information on Customer Accounts


For more information you may contact the Office of Open Records at