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1. Who takes care of potholes?

Road repairs are generally the responsibility of the owner of the road. This may be the municipality, state Department of Transportation, county, property owners association or residents on a private road. MTMA (Moon Township Municipal Authority) will restore any areas impacted during construction or maintenance related work. Please call 412-264-4300 to notify us of your concerns.

2. Are storm drains connected to the sanitary sewer?

Storm drains are above ground open drainage ditches or belowground systems of pipes that collect and carry off rainwater. The storm drain system is not connected to the closed MTMA sanitary sewer system. No surface or ground water may flow to a homes sewer plumbing or an MTMA sanitary sewer.

The only MTMA owned storm drains are on MTMA owned property, such as treatment plant sites.

3. Who is responsible for the storm drain?

A property owner or the governmental body that owns an adjacent roadway may own storm drains. Many storm drains are privately owned. Some are owned by the municipality or roadway owner.

4. What are the round metal covers I see in the street?

There are covers in the street, shoulder of the road and even in customers' yards. These covers are over water, sewer, storm drain, telephone, and gas structures. Most covers have some type of identification.

MTMA covers are located:
over water valves and blow-offs in the street, shoulder of the road, and right-of-ways areas; over manholes in the street, shoulder of the road, and in right-of-ways areas; and at the property line covering meters and curb boxes (the water turn on/off valve) sewer clean outs, and site tees. Meter pits and sight tees are customer owned.

5. Whom do I contact about a broken, loose or missing cover?

If you have identified the cover as water or sewer, contact MTMA at 412-264-4300. Please advise us of the exact location and, if possible, give us the approximate size of the cover/opening.

6. Why did I receive an estimated bill?

An estimated bill is generated by our computerized billing system when circumstances such as: inclement weather, inaccessible or obstructed equipment, locked gates, or no one at home (to name a few reasons) prohibit our field employees from obtaining an actual meter reading. We also may estimate usage when there are questionable changes in current consumption compared to historical usage.

A residential customer's usage is estimated based on the household's previous usage for the comparable period. When there is a new owner/occupant at the property, the estimated bill is based on a recent Average Daily Consumption.
Commercial customers' bills are estimated based on the previous occupants' Average Daily Consumption

If we are unable to obtain an actual meter reading, the field service representative will leave a card at the property requesting that you supply us with an actual reading from the inside meter as soon as possible.

If you prefer, rather than mailing the card, you can provide a reading to MTMA by phone. Simply call 412-264-4300 during normal office hours.

7. I just moved into/out of a house or apartment. What do I have to do?

Please contact MTMA at 412-264-4300 with the following information:
The name and address of the settlement attorney/title company or the person receiving the final bill and the name of the new owner.
The settlement date or the date you move in or out of the property, we will need the meter reading; access to a meter inside the premises may be necessary.
The recycle materials container should stay with the property for use by the new resident. Advise the MTMA office if there is no recycle container, one will be provided.

8. What if I can't afford to pay my bill all at once?

MTMA can assist you if you are unable to pay your entire current bill prior to the due date indicated on the face of the water/sewer/solid waste bill.

Payment arrangements: If your current bill is unusually high, or if you are having difficulty paying a normal bill due to extenuating circumstances, payment arrangements can be initiated on your bill. This arrangement allows you to make weekly, biweekly, or monthly payments and ensures that the service remains uninterrupted. A 1.5% late fee is assessed to the unpaid balance remaining on the account after the due date printed on the bill. Delinquent accounts are charged 1.5% interest per month. If you want to initiate a payment arrangement, please call us at 412-264-4300, extension 118. Failure to maintain payment arrangements will result in termination of service.

9. What do I do if I have a billing problem?

Call us at 412-264-4300 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday. We will review the account thoroughly to determine whether the charges qualify for a reduction according to MTMA policies and guideline. If, after our review, you are unhappy with the result, you may appeal your case to the MTMA General Manager.