1700 Beaver Grade Rd Ste. 200 Moon Township, PA 15108 • 412-264-4300 • Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:45 PM

While only a handful of our customers experience a sewer backup each year, we know that when it does occur, it can be a distressing experience. Therefore, we’ve put a plan in place to help our customers through the process.

If you are experiencing a sewer backup, call the Moon Township Municipal Authority (MTMA) first at 412-264-4300 between 8 a.m. - 4:45 p.m., Monday - Friday. After 4:45 p.m. or outside these hours, report backups to the Moon Township Police Department at 412-262-5000 - they will relay the information to the MTMA. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you. A MTMA representative will generally get to your home within 90 minutes of your call.

MTMA representatives will provide an on-site inspection to verify that the public sewer main serving your home is functioning properly - this is a free service to you and may save you costly, unnecessary plumbing and repair bills. If we find that there is a problem with our main, we will repair it. Should MTMA excavation be required, we will replace improvements disturbed by our workers such as lawns or pavements.

Our staff will also assist with clean-up and disinfection of impacted areas caused by a backup of the MTMA sanitary sewer main.

If we find that there is no obstruction in the public sewer, then it may be necessary for you to contact a plumber to check the condition of the sanitary sewer service line or building plumbing serving your home or business. These facilities are owned by you.

The MTMA recommends that you solicit firm sewer service line repair or replacement quotes from at least 3 reputable contractors before authorizing any work. DON’T ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE PRESSURED INTO A QUICK REPAIR COMMITMENT.

Please do not flush anything except human waste and toilet paper. Wipes cause plumbing and sewer line clogs. Do not flush wipes. Do not pour grease down a drain, this will cause a clog. Garbage disposal use can also cause a sewer clog.