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The Moon Township Municipal Authority (MTMA) was created in 1947. Moon Township supervisors created the MTMA with the long-term goal of eventually owning and operating public water and wastewater systems in the area.

In 1949, Allegheny County constructed a water pump station in Coraopolis and water lines through Moon Township to bring treated water to the Greater Pittsburgh Airport. By 1951, the Township started to provide water service to residents through the use of the same Allegheny County system and Coraopolis supply. In 1957, MTMA took over this Moon Township water system. Another MTMA landmark occurred in 1960 when the first wastewater project was undertaken to provide sanitary sewer service to a portion of the Township. By 1965, the Authority's Water Treatment facility became operational providing purified groundwater to Moon Township customers with a capacity of 3.5 million gallons per day (mgd). Subsequently, the facility increased its capacity to 5.18 million gallons per day with water supply coming from underground wells adjacent to the Ohio River. Due to growth and increased demand, in 2003 a surface water intake structure was constructed drawing raw water from the Ohio River. In addition, the Water Treatment Plant was upgraded to accommodate treatment of a blended well water and surface water supply.

MTMA now supplies water to Moon Township, Pittsburgh International Airport, The U.S. Air Force Reserve and PA National Guard bases, and small portions of Coraopolis and Findlay Township.

Wastewater services have also grown since 1960. In 1974, MTMA's Montour Run Water Pollution Control Plant began operating with a permitted capacity to treat up to 2.5 million gallons of wastewater daily. By 1991, it had been expanded up to a 6.2 million gallon permitted capacity per day. Today the facility, renamed the Leonard L. Nary Wastewater Treatment Plant at Montour Run (see Montour Run Treatment Plant Renamed) treats wastewater from portions of Moon, Robinson, North Fayette and Findlay Townships, Pittsburgh International Airport, and the PA Air National Guard and U.S. Air Force Reserve bases. In 1994, the Authority added operation of the Flaugherty Run Wastewater Treatment Plant with an initial capacity to treat 1.0 million gallons of wastewater per day (mgd). In May 2006, the Flaugherty Plant expansion was completed increasing its capacity to 2.0 mgd.; it now allows for growth in both Moon Township, Crescent Township and South Heights Borough. The expansion provides adequate facilities to replace the former Crescent South Heights Treatment Plant.

MTMA also has over 215 miles of sanitary sewer and over 145 miles of water main lines.

And, in 1990, the Moon Township Board of Supervisors delegated to Moon Township Municipal Authority with the responsibility of solid waste and recyclable material collection.

MTMA partners with the South Hills Counsel of Government to obtain the best rates available for contract garbage and recycling service.

In 2020 MTMA became the designate billing agent to collect Moon Township stormwater fees. 100% of stormwater fees collection are paid monthly to Moon Township.