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Once each week, the Contractor shall collect recyclable materials from all residents as described below.

Contractor Is the corporation determined to be the low responsible bidder to whom a Contract to collect, haul, and dispose of Municipal Solid Waste from single family residential dwelling units in the Township of Moon and collect, process, and market Recycle Materials, has been awarded by the Moon Township Municipal Authority Board of Directors. The Contractor is currently Waste Management.

Curbside Collection shall refer to Municipal Waste or Recyclable Materials placed at the curb or at a point not more than five (5) feet from the back of the curb which would be unobstructed and clearly visible to the Contractor. The toter should also be placed unobstructed on both sides by (3) three feet. Collection from Municipal Waste and Recycling Containers more than five (5) feet back from the curb are not included in this Contract nor are items within the five (5) foot area that are hidden or otherwise obstructed from view of the Contractor. In areas where there is no such curb, curbside collection refers to the edge of the traveled roadway, so long as placement of Municipal Waste and Recycling Containers does not impede vehicular or pedestrian traffic or create hazards to vehicles or persons traveling in this area.

Recycling Container shall mean the wheeled Toter provided by the contractor. Recycling Toters are available in 32-gallon and 64-gallon sizes. An additional 96-gallon container can be purchased for $100.

Residences shall mean any occupied single-family dwellings or multi-family dwellings having less than four (4) dwelling units per structure and for which the Contractor provides Municipal Solid Waste and Recyclables Materials collection service.

Recyclable Materials shall mean materials generated by Residences, which are or may be specified by the Authority for collection, processing, and disposal under this Contract which can be separated from Municipal Solid Waste and returned to commerce to be reused as a resource in the development of useful products. Recyclable material designated by the Authority include:

(1) Aluminum beverage containers.

(2) Steel and bi-metal food and beverage containers consisting of steel, aluminum, and/or tin.

(3) Plastics – Clean plastic materials

    • #1 (PETE) – Polyethylene Terephthalate: Clear containers typically used for soft drinks and bottled water. Does not include oven ready meal trays
    • #2 (HDPE) – High Density Polyethylene: Colored or Translucent plastic. Typically used for milk or juice containers and common household chemicals. Does not include plastic bags.

(4) Paper Products – Any clean paper that can be torn or ripped, copier paper, soft back books, colored paper, file folders, insides of hardback books, bar line paper, magazines, mail inserts, business cards, catalogues, newspaper, telephone books, poster board, envelopes, greeting cards, and chip board (cereal and other similar boxes, must be flattened to reduce volume). Does not include plastic coated paper. Pizza boxes or other paper with grease or food residue may not be recycled.

(5) Corrugated Cardboard must be flattened to reduce volume and cut into smaller pieces before being placed inside the recycling toter.  Do not put solid waste in cardboard boxes. Cardboard is to be recycled.

Origin of Materials service is provided for residential solid waste materials generated at the site and is not for the disposal of material generated from a business or from another location.

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