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Multi-family residential properties with more than two units per building constructed since January 2011 must have fire protection systems. This is required by State Law. Water supply to these systems must have a testable backflow prevention device to keep stagnant or contaminated fire system water from contaminating the water supply. Customers are required to have backflow preventers tested annually by an Allegheny County certified backflow preventer inspector.

Moon Township Municipal Authority (MTMA) charges the following fees to our residential customers that have fire protection systems:

  • Recordkeeping fee to verify backflow preventer inspections are performed - $15/year
  • For customers with a separate ¾” or 1” size fire system water meter (typically constructed from 2011 through 2015) a meter fee of $30/year is charged. There is no minimum use charge for this type of meter.

Large commercial and some large residential properties are subject to fire service charges based on the size of the building’s fire service waterline.