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Once each week, the Contractor shall collect, remove, and dispose of all Municipal Waste from all Residents (as defined below) within the Township of Moon.

Contractor, the corporation determined to be the low responsible bidder to whom a Contract to collect, haul, and dispose of Municipal Solid Waste from single family residential dwelling units in the Township of Moon and collect, process, and market Recycle Materials, has been awarded by the Moon Township Municipal Authority Board of Directors. The Contractor is currently Waste Management.

Curbside Collection shall refer to Municipal Waste or Recyclable Materials placed at the curb or at a point not more than five (5) feet from the back of the curb which would be unobstructed and clearly visible to the Contractor. Collection from Municipal Waste and Recycling Containers more than five (5) feet back from the curb are not included in this Contract nor are items within the five (5) foot area that are hidden or otherwise obstructed from view of the Contractor. In areas where there is no such curb, curbside collection refers to the edge of the traveled roadway, so long as placement of Municipal Waste and Recycling Containers does not impede vehicular or pedestrian traffic or create hazards to vehicles or persons traveling in this area.

Garbage shall mean all refuse and animal and vegetable matter which has been used for food for man, and all refuse and animal and vegetable matter which was intended to be so used and includes condemned food and all waste paper contained in the receptacles. It shall also include excess fruit from trees on residential property but not from trees and/or orchards. The term “garbage” shall also mean mixed and waste fragments resulting from the use and occupancy of the premises, including but not limited to rags, paper and packaging material, broken glass, crockery, bottles, leather, rubber, plastics, and other general small household refuse placed in approved receptacles or containers. Garbage must be set out by residents in containers that are non-porous, that confine, severely reduce, or eliminate unpleasant odors and seepage. Bags or containers of garbage should not be set at curb side by residents more that twelve (12) hours prior to their expected collection time by the contractor.

Household Rubbish means old furniture, trunks, stoves, refrigerators, bed springs, mattresses, etc., furnace pipe, water boilers, large radios, and television sets and all other rubbish which may accumulate. Household Rubbish should not be set out at curbside by residents more that twelve (12) hours prior to the expected collection of the contractor. Refrigerators and air conditions require special handling as described prior to disposal.

Rubbish means all rags, broken glass, crockery, containers for non-edible products used in the home, paper (including magazines tied in bundles), grass cuttings, hedge cuttings and branches 3” in diameter or less (which shall be securely tied in bundles not exceeding forty-eight inches (48”) in length and less than 50 lbs in weight), incinerator ashes, refuse from paper burners, and household refuse generally; ashes from household heating plants, incinerators, and coal stoves, Christmas trees (for the January collection). Rubbish should not be placed at curbside by residents more than twelve (12) hours prior to the expected collection time of the contractor.

Municipal Solid Waste or Municipal Waste for the purpose of this Contract includes any Garbage, Household, Rubbish, and Rubbish resulting from Residential premises or Residences as defined elsewhere herein. The term does not include dirt, stones, concrete blocks, bricks, plaster, lumber, or other construction material or debris resulting from repairs, alteration, demolition or new construction of building, structures, or sidewalks and does not include automobile parts.

Municipal Waste Containers shall mean covered containers of metal or plastic not larger than 32 gallons capacity weighing less than 50 lbs. per container when filled with garbage. All solid waste materials shall be placed in properly fastened plastic bags before being placed in the container except for household rubbish items over 2 feet in length. Municipal waste may not be placed in biodegradable paper bags for disposal. These bags are designated for fall collection of leaves by Moon Township. The contractor will not collect paper bags containing municipal waste or other materials.

Origin of Materials service is provided for residential solid waste materials generated at the site and is not for the disposal of material generated from a business or from another location.

Residences shall mean any occupied single-family dwellings or multi-family dwellings having less than four (4) dwelling units per structure and for which the Contractor provides Municipal Solid Waste and Recyclables Materials collection service.

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