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The MTMA works diligently to provide excellent wastewater service to our customers at the lowest, long-term cost. MTMA provides sanitary sewer service to nearly all the 30,000 residents and business of Moon Township, Crescent Township, and South Heights Borough. MTMA also provides wholesale wastewater services to large areas of Robinson Township, North Fayette Township, Findlay Township and the Pittsburgh International Airport. MTMA owns and operates the Leonard Nary Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) at Montour Run, and the Flaugherty Run WWTP.

MTMA and the Coraopolis Water and Sewer Authority jointly own the Riverview Sanitary Sewer Authority (RSA) WWTP. The RSA serves a large area of Moon Township and the Borough of Coraopolis. MTMA owns and maintains eleven sewage pumping stations and 215 miles of sanitary sewer mains.

In recent years, MTMA forces have performed significant renewal of our treatment plants and major sewage pumping stations. MTMA is nearly complete with a 12-year effort to renew approximately 80 miles of vitrified clay sewer. This effort was undertaken to provide reliable service and reduce future maintenance and operating costs.

All significant renewal projects were managed by MTMA staff, many were even performed by MTMA staff to save money. MTMA has well maintained facilities and competitive sewer service rates. This has been achieved by charging adequate sewer service rates to maintain the wastewater system and also make strategic cost-effective investments to renew aging system components. MTMA strives to be a good steward of the funds our customers pay for wastewater services. The MTMA wastewater system is a significant community asset.